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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need to Register in the TTY-PASS?

A.To comply with the ADA requirement for testing to ensure your PSAP TTY’s are compatible with TIA/EIA IS-840-A .

Q. How many of my PSAPs TTYs should we enroll in TTY-PASS?

All, to include spares! According to the ADA; "Most PSAPs have plans for using back-up equipment in case some of its equipment or telephone lines malfunction, or in case there is a power failure. If a PSAP has such a plan for voice calls and equipment, it must provide for TTY calls and equipment in that plan. For instance, PSAPs should keep extra TTY equipment on hand, in case the primary equipment fails, if they have back-up voice telephone equipment for such a situation."

Q. What is TIA/EIA IS-840-A?

A. TIA/EIA 840A is the minimum performance standard for Text Telephone signal detector and Test Telephone Signal Regenerator. It contains strings of Baudot characters with the minimum and maximum values for various components of the FSK, TIA/EIA 825 standard. Used in conjunction with tools developed by Gallaudet University it can assess performance with TTY calls originated from wireline and wireless phones.

Q. How much does it cost to Register for 12 months?

A.The base price is $75 for each TTY.  A discount schedule based on the number of TTYs your PSAP wishes to register can be found below:

Enroll Annual Price
1-10 $80 per TTY
11-25 $75 per TTY
>25 $70 per TTY

Additional discount pricing of $65 per TTY is available for Statewide registration programs.

Q. How often may I test my TTYs?

As often as you wish. Please see the TTY-PASS Program for program details.

Q. How do we pay for the TTY-PASS?

During the Registration process you will find that TTY-PASS is a user friendly program and process offering numerous easy-as-you-go payment options!

Q. How long is the actual TTY-PASS test?

The TTY-PASS test script is less than 4 minutes in duration. However, during the beta test, the runs are expected to be just less than 10 minutes.

Q. During the TTY-PASS testing process, what can I expect to see come across my screen?

During the test, as your TTY is receiving and capturing the test script, do not expect to see any coherent or legible text that you will be able to read. The TTY-PASS script is designed to run your TTY (and its configuration with the PSTN) through a mini obstacle course by making it read random text. That being understood, expect to see "gibberish," strings of letters, numbers, various punctuations and characters that make no sense at all to the observer. When scoring, it is important that all characters are copied and submitted on the TTY-PASS website scoring page.

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